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Pain is a highly complex symptom. In some situations pain can be helpful, alerting us to damage or injury so that we can get the appropriate help we need – but when pain becomes chronic and long-lasting, it is highly debilitating and causes stress, depression, anxiety, poor sleep, disability.

Chronic pain can negatively impact on our mental health and every area of life, including relationships, work, hobbies and interests. Often, a variety of approaches are needed to help lessen pain, improve independence and help you cope with the emotional implications. If you are experiencing pain, you are of course always advised to see your doctor.

They will be able to investigate further to find out what is causing it and how best to treat it. Obviously pain medication can be used and painkillers can be effective, however it is important to use them safely as they can have many negative side effects and are not a long-term solution to a persistent pain problem.

An important aspect of managing chronic and ongoing pain involves looking at the link between the body and mind and this is where Pain Management Hypnotherapy can help. Therapies that address the mind-body link are often recommended for those dealing with long-term pain. Stress and anxiety are common side effects of pain and can even make the sensation feel worse – the way the mind responds to pain also links to the perception of physical sensations.

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