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Radiology is a great invention of modern times that helps doctors diagnose a disease through imaging within the body. There are times when doctors find it difficult to diagnose a disease based on physical symptoms. Hence, Radiology comes as a great support and help to such physicians in finding out the disease through testing. One cannot decline the importance of radiology in medical science.

Precision in diagnosis cannot be stressed enough especially in better healing. Detection in the screening process is the first step to a wholesome and diagnosis of existing condition and preventive diagnosis. This leads the path to excellent intervention and treatment. The in-house Radiology department is equipped with machines like MRI Scan, CT-Scan, X-ray, medical, dental and ultrasound sonography. These machines support the patients in checking the internal health of the body under the expert supervision of lab experts and doctors.

Competitive Prices & Easy Payment Plans

We offer the competitive prices with easy payment plans

Qualified Doctors & Staff

Our team makes every effort to make your experience unforgettable.

Advance Technologies

Our Doctors use the advanced equipment from (Germany and Japan) to deliver treatments of quality & standards.

Free Pick Up & Drop Off

We offer a courtesy shuttle to our patients to help them get to their appointment on time.

Doctor Name Speciality
Dr. Sachin Tandon Radiologist