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DCDC ReduStim

ReduStim is a class IIa medical device for reducing abdominal obesity (waist size > 88 cm for women and > 102 cm for men) by eliminating abdominal fat that are harmful to health. ReduStim aims to reduce visceral fat which is the cause of metabolic diseases.

100% hands-free, ReduStim accompanies all health professionals such as cosmetic doctors, general practitioners, physiotherapists, gynaecologists and nutritionists, who want to provide comprehensive treatment for patients whose waists are too large. Redustim offers a real alternative to expensive major surgery (like liposuction) the treatment is very relaxing, painless sessions, the technique appeals to both men and women. Several studies (on DNA chips, double blind, by scanner imaging…) have been conducted on the ReduStim protocol. Other studies in progress, especially in the fields of infertility associated with abdominal obesity have been fulfilled and shown proven scientific results.

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